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A New ERA.

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The Self Made CEO is Innovative, Has Finesse and Is Not Afraid to Stand Out.

Are you signing clients, working hard, but feel as though you could be making more impact, more income and build a household name?

You're not


Is this you... you never focused on your personal brand, you are inconsistent with your marketing strategies, and you are great at what you do, but when it comes to innovation, scaling, and growth you are unsure where to start?

I've Been

Clarity and alignment in your business means having a clear vision, and full confidence in next steps and execution so you can fully step into the next level you.


To build a personal brand that feels 100% aligned, builds authority and brand awareness so that you are recognized as a trailblazer within your industry.


This is what you


Instead of being inconsistent and seeing what works, you need a customized strategy that will raise your visibility, impact and income, so you can scale your business and work smart.


We believe in confidently creating success and becoming self-made CEO's without sacrificing health for hustle. This is where strategy meets 3 pm cocktails on a Tuesday. Join the Club!


Hi, I'm Moria

The Founder and CEO of Mor Media

I'm a CEO Coach and Marketing Consultant who believes in creating personal brands with finesse innovation and balance. No cookie cutter strategies, here!

I'm an ex-corporate Marketing and

E-commerce specialist that managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of brands with 10 years of marketing experience to help driven female CEO's like yourself elevate their brands, raise their impact, and activate their income through high level business and marketing strategies that convert. I'm obsessed with my clients and what I do.

This is what you will


A 90 Minute Intensive to flesh out your entire annual plan. goals, vision, offers + pricing, & revenue plan.

No. 1

High level strategy customized to your business. Option of 90 minute intensive or the 15 week program.

No. 2

Full access to me through email and voxer. I'm available for support in between sessions.

No. 3

Fully equipped g-drive with custom resources to help implement strategies and for my eyes on all of your work. 

No. 4

High touch accountability and touch points to ensure you are executing efficiently. I will never leave you hanging, we're in this together!

No. 5

Client Testimonials

Before I started working with Moria I was working every day of the week throughout the day

and into the night. I was very overwhelmed and I didn’t have any direction. I felt like I was

shooting arrows in the dark. As soon as I started working with Moria it was like a huge weight

had been lifted off of my shoulders. She helped me gain clarity and confidence. Our 1:1

coaching sessions were amazing and she continued to support me via messenger

throughout the week when we weren’t on call. I have learnt so much from Moria and I am so

grateful that she came into my life when she did! If you want to take your business to the

next level and you want to generate a steady income then Moria is definitely the person you

need to support you on your journey!

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