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Branding is an integral part of your business. It’s not just your brand colors, or your logo. It is much deeper than that.

It is the emotions, connection and values you share with your prospective clients.

At Mor Media we value: Integrity, passion, balance, and service. Our vision is to hold space for ambitious female CEO’s to grow their business alongside someone who truly understands their emotions, while teaching them how to stay authentic and balanced while also building a 6-figure business.

But when you’re working to attract high caliber clients, it runs deeper than this. They need to trust you and feel like they know you. That is why when people think of me they are reminded of : decaf coffee drinker, vacation lover , marketing queen, plant mom.

Who you are matters most. It is how you connect with the clients of your dreams. When you evoke emotional connection, that is when clients become friends and friends become clients.

So if your branding is DIY’d and it looks like it, your connection points are inconsistent, and your visibility is low – it's very likely that the kind of client you will attract will be at that level.

To level up your branding in 2021, focus on these things:


Yes, the colors, logo, design of your brand is a HUGE connection point. If you don’t use the same colors on everything, and if you change your logo up frequently, your brand will not be memorable. This includes taking professional photos if its in your budget so your feed looks cohesive, on brand, and professional.


This is where emotionally connecting falls. You want to tell the story of your brand so that people connect with you on a deeper level which psychologically has an effect on them. This is where sharing how you got here, what fueled your business, what struggles you’ve been through and how you help people overcome these struggles today, plays a big part. Storytelling is the way to connect!

Drink a special type of coffee? Connection point. Love shopping at Walmart? Connection point. These are things that people love to connect with. Real life.


Most people skip out on this one. Having a white glove service where you treat your clients as top priorities, and make them feel special, and have an organized system which you walk them through, can dramatically increase your retention rates as well as customer experience.


2021 is the year for strategic partnerships. Mor Media is massively cultivating this one. Create partnerships that will allow you to offer even better experiences for your clients / customers. Collaborate, build a community and create more impact.

Work on these 4 in 2021, and I promise your brand presence will dramatically change!

How can I help you up level your brand and attract your dream clients in 2021?

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