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CEO & Co. Collective

The only program created for driven female ceo in mind, to help you elevate your brand, raise your impact and activate your income through finesse, innovation and balance.

If you've wondered what it's like to have brand recognition and innovate your industry alongside a group of trailblazers, then this is for you.


CEO & Co. Collective

If you could become the go-to expert in your industry, have a consistent marketing strategy that works, and converts more clients, while celebrating wins on the regular, would you want to know more?

CEO & Co. was created with our proprietary MMethod to help driven female CEO's with alignment, branding, strategy and balance. This means we care about your business and life, so you don't have to sacrifice health for hustle. 
Do you have a few clients, but just wish it felt like you could finally take a break, and feel like you created this business to get away from a 9-5, but you're kinda creating another one?

You're not


inconsistent marketing strategies, throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks, no time for a vacation, working weekends, feeling unaligned and don't know how to build a brand for longevity...sound familiar to you?

Let me help.

This is what you will


No. 1

Go from feeling lack of clarity and alignment to full clarity and alignment in your business.

No. 2

Know how to create a personal brand that will allow you to stand out in your industry with finesse and innovation.

No. 3

High level marketing strategies that are simple, effective and repeatable so you can be consistent.

No. 4

Some of the industries leading experts to guest speak & host wellness seminars bi-weekly because balance is key!

No. 5

Access to a resources, worksheets and high level tools to support you + instant access to Moria 24/7.

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